People of Print Exhibition – Call for entries

We are currently collecting prints for our BIGGEST group show to date, which will take place in Mid-March, London 2012. Everyone is asked to submit some of their current print work, with a maximum of 5 pieces. The collection is getting BIG. We don’t have a name for this show, but we know that it’s going to be BIG. We look forward to seeing what you submit. DEADLINE 1st MARCH. (Click read more on the left for more information.)

Please send prints well packaged to:

People of Print
129 Bethnal Green Road
E2 7DG

1. Prints generally hang better if they are kept flat, we will not be framing the prints so keep this in mind.
2. If you would like to sell your prints at the show or keep them with us to make future sales on your behalf, we keep a very reasonable 30% commission. Could you please include the retail and wholesale price of your print(s).
3. Also we need your name, return address, title of artworks and medium/type and size of print. We will be making a nice little book to accompany the show with all of this information included.
4. We will also be doing live screen printing at the event so if you would like to do a design for a t-shirt or poster then get in touch:



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