Books I wish I owned: Karel Martens- Printed Matter/Drukwerk


I love Karel Martens work, and his Printed Matter/Drukwerk was a great source of inspiration when I started teaching Silkscreen printing. I devised workshops using different shapes which students printed in C K M Y, overprinting layers of coloured shapes onto their prints. Combining Silkscreen techniques with colour theory and image making. Unfortunately Printed Matter/Drukwerk is out of print so the only hope of getting my hands on my own copy is either paying £600 via Amazon or waiting patiently for a forth edition. Until then I’ll have to visit it in the library, or this amazing online archive of Martens beautiful letterpress and mono prints.

tumblr_mcf2a5mhcc1ru82ue tumblr_mcf13x7juv1ru82ue

Photographs from Grain Edit and P!


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