Mokulito lithography demonstration: Printmakers Council


The Printmakers Council are hosting a demonstration of Mokulito lithography Caroline Whitehead at Bankside Gallery, London.

“Mokulito lithography uses a wooden plate instead of the traditional stone or metal litho plates. Originating in Japan in the 1970s, this technique can produce beautiful subtle veils of colour. Visitors will be able to both observe and try aspects of the technique for themselves.” – The Printmakers Council

You can find Caroline’s Printmakers Council artists profile here, and her website here.

The above image is credited to Julianna Jagielska, a recent graduate from BA Illustration at the University of Bedfordshire, produced a book and set of prints based on Slavic creation myths using mokulito, relief and screenprinting techniques, you can find her portfolio here.

WHEN: 22nd November. 2pm-4pm.

WHERE: Bankside Gallery, London



Image credit: Julianna Jagielska


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