Books I wish I owned: Karel Martens- Printed Matter/Drukwerk


I love Karel Martens work, and his Printed Matter/Drukwerk was a great source of inspiration when I started teaching Silkscreen printing. I devised workshops using different shapes which students printed in C K M Y, overprinting layers of coloured shapes onto their prints. Combining Silkscreen techniques with colour theory and image making. Unfortunately Printed Matter/Drukwerk is out of print so the only hope of getting my hands on my own copy is either paying £600 via Amazon or waiting patiently for a forth edition. Until then I’ll have to visit it in the library, or this amazing online archive of Martens beautiful letterpress and mono prints.

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Photographs from Grain Edit and P!


Pinterest for Printmaking & Bookbinding

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I have been pinning images to my Pinterest boards, one for Printmaking and one for Bookbinding (this one is fairly new so there aren’t so many pins). For those of you who haven’t used Pinterest it is a website where you can collect images and organised them to virtual noticeboards. You can look at pins, and if you like the look of something click on it once to zoom to it and once more to go to the original website it was posted on. Most of the images link though to ‘how to’ tutorials for various techniques.