Welcome (or welcome back)


Welcome to all the first years! And welcome back to all the new 2nd and 3rd years!

The Graphic Design Print Area is open three days a week and is staffed by Rose.

She will be in the area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We run a range of workshops as well as sessions for you to print self-directed work (Rose will be on hand to help). Workshops will be listed on the WORKSHOPS BLOG (http://workshops.gdnm.org/course/gd/).

You can sign up for self directed sessions on the paper sign-up sheets outside of the Print Area (205b on the Graphics floor next to the computers).

In order to use the equipment you must have completed an induction workshop into the Print Process and presses required for the process before you can sign up for self-directed sessions.

If you need anymore information or would like to request a printmaking workshop you can visit Rose in her office (room 206) opposite the Print Area or email her rthomas.s1@ucreative.ac.uk

Happy Printmaking!