Pinterest for Printmaking & Bookbinding

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I have been pinning images to my Pinterest boards, one for Printmaking and one for Bookbinding (this one is fairly new so there aren’t so many pins). For those of you who haven’t used Pinterest it is a website where you can collect images and organised them to virtual noticeboards. You can look at pins, and if you like the look of something click on it once to zoom to it and once more to go to the original website it was posted on. Most of the images link though to ‘how to’ tutorials for various techniques.


Welcome (or welcome back)


Welcome to all the first years! And welcome back to all the new 2nd and 3rd years!

The Graphic Design Print Area is open three days a week and is staffed by Rose.

She will be in the area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We run a range of workshops as well as sessions for you to print self-directed work (Rose will be on hand to help). Workshops will be listed on the WORKSHOPS BLOG (

You can sign up for self directed sessions on the paper sign-up sheets outside of the Print Area (205b on the Graphics floor next to the computers).

In order to use the equipment you must have completed an induction workshop into the Print Process and presses required for the process before you can sign up for self-directed sessions.

If you need anymore information or would like to request a printmaking workshop you can visit Rose in her office (room 206) opposite the Print Area or email her

Happy Printmaking!

New press arriving today!

This beautiful Swiss made FAG press is currently on it’s way to the Print Area for installation today. We have been on the look out for a good proofing press for sometime, as it will bring big changes to the way we can print. Traditionally it’s a letterpress press, used for wood type and lead type but we can also begin using it with photopolymer plates for relief (create your own relief plate from digital artwork). The press is coming from Billy Naylor who is going to install it today and will return for a staff induction. It is originally from Kingston College 25 years ago and has been kept in brilliant condition.

The printable area is a huge 45cm x 61cm, a big step up from our Farley. The press is electronic and has rollers which will ink the type and a system for registering your paper, making it great for large print runs of posters.

There will be inductions into using the press as soon as possible, I’ll put more information on your year noticeboards and of course you sign up for workshops on the Workshops blog

Welcome to the Print Area page

There will be a range of posts for students on this sketchbook relating to the Graphic Design Print Area. We also have live Flickr and Twitter accounts to keep you up to date.

The most recent photos on out Flickr stream are of each of our trays of wooden letterpress type, so you have a heads up before you come to print.


Print Area Flickr

Print Area Twitter